What if?

You could stick to your health & fitness plan?

You could enjoy the foods you love? 

Reach & maintain your goal weight?

You could improve your sleep & wake up feeling refreshed?

You could be confident in your appearance?

You could learn to enjoy exercise?

You had a coach who listened & gave you valuable feedback?

You have found other “Plans/Diets” unsustainable

You have had a long day & then don’t feel like exercising

You have had short-term success in the past with other diets & training plans

You give up when it gets challenging because there’s no one there to back you & your goals up

As we take steps to re-adjust from the Covid-19 pandemic your stress levels are high, your sleep is broken, your snacking all day & energy is low


So, what’s the Issue?

And that’s where we come in...

We are both passionate about health, fitness & wellbeing. We strive to work with our clients to help them reach their goals & desired results. 

We opened The Engine Room, Portumna in November 2012 & choose the name & logo with our children to best fit our vision for our clients. 

Then, The Mind- Body Engine evolved when we like so many others had to re-invent our business online & reach out to clients in different ways. Our new business reflects how your body & mind like an engine, need constant care & attention.

People who are committed to make daily changes & take small steps towards their end goal

People who know they want more from life but don’t know which way to turn, how to start & who to ask

Real people willing to put in the work

Is this you?


Who do we work with?

How it works

We support you with access on WhatsApp (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm)

Zoom calls each week

We take a look at your current lifestyle habits, what your goal is right now & what is currently stopping you from reaching them


We address your mindset towards your body, your relationship with food, your motivation to exercise & confidence in who you are

We will address what is holding you back & how we can overcome that together

You will gain awareness of yourself & your lifestyle & challenge yourself mentally, emotionally & physically

We are here to keep pushing you!

We have a simple & sustainable approach to nutrition

Your weekly check ins will keep you empowered, structured & balanced

We will set weekly nutrition goals together, ensure you are eating foods that make you feel energised & productive towards your goals

Exercise can be rewarding, it can be fun & it can be energising 

Learn to exercise to be fit & strong & not to ‘outrun’ a poor diet

You will have set workouts each week, meet goals & gain confidence