Free Resources

Our Free Resources

Below find some exercise videos & additional information to assist you with Nutrition, Self-Care, Mindset & Accountability. We at The Mind-Body Engine are offering these resources to you to help you get started.

Video Resources

AMRAP Circuit Video

This is an abbreviation for As Many Rounds As Possible. 
In this video there are 2 exercises combined.
You work as hard as you can for 3 minutes with 1 minute recovery.
Please listen to the introduction at the start of the video with Steve.

Basic Tabata Circuit Video

This is a form of interval training. You work for 20 seconds & rest for 10 seconds.

Basic Warm Up Video

This warm up video is suitable to carry out before classes, home workouts, runs or resistance training. The emphasis is on joint mobility, raising your heart rate & warming up the body prior to the main phase of your training.


Our 10 Tips

This has been taken from Mental Health Ireland & are excellent tips to help to build resilience & wellbeing at this time.

Weekly Planner

Planning ahead ensures that you are more organised with your food & exercise for the week ahead. When you have even the most basic plan you are more likely to achieve your goals

Sleep Diary

If you are having issues with your sleep quality it might be worth tracking it over the week with this diary. This will in turn give you a better insight into what may be the habits that are blocking you from the rest & recovery your body & mind needs. 

Self-Care Quiz

Self-Care is important to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself as it produces positive feelings & boosts your confidence and self-esteem. Self-Care reminds you & others that your needs are important too. It will help you to stay focused, motivated in your actions & encourage mental & physical health.

Emotional Eating

When you stress eat, you are using food to solve a problem. Only thing is that food can’t solve the problem!
In this document there are journaling prompts to assist you around the area of emotional eating. Pick a question each day to try & explore & understand what is going on for you through your thoughts, feelings & actions.